Focused on optimising supply, Origin Chain Networks bring the benefits of emerging technology to the agri-food sector.


What is Authenteer?

Authenteer is a supply-chain transparency platform that offers agri-producers and other supply chain actors access to the valuable insights that derive from real-time data availability, digital proof-of-provenance and quality assurance.

D7 Eco-system


In order to test the network effect of our initiatives in the marketplace we have initiated a pilot short-supply-chain ecosystem. Privileging local agri-producers supplying to independent retail food stores we are mapping the local availability of quality artisan, organic and sustainably produced food in the Dublin 7 area.

Origin Chain Research

New technologies must be tested ‘in the wild’. Origin Chain Research works with representatives from diverse sectors to explore high­ potential implementations from an open innovation and transformative perspective.

International Standards Development

Founder Fiona Delaney is a national delegate with NSAI, and represents Ireland on ISO Technical Committees TC 307 and TC 048. She leads the BDLT Use Case Lab for WG6/TC307. She is also a contributor to UN ITU_T research into emerging technology and how it can help deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Recently published work includes Technical Report FG DLT D2.1 Distributed ledger technology use cases.

Tracing the Steps

An initial enquiry was hosted by Origin Chain Networks and Ciotóg during #BlockchainIrelandWeek, May 2019.

Case Studies

Glasson Farm

Tillage farm in Glasson, Co. West Meath. Uses sustainable methods including eco-tillage. Keeps own bees and received a grant to plant in an orchard of heritage orchard plants. Pilot research identified use case and application. Through our engagement farmer Kevin Fenton chose to pursue organic certification for his farm and produce.

Tracing the Steps

Exploratory work with members of the international professional dance community to scope the potential for a digital platform that could trace attribution in the creation of choreographic work, and how it may alter and change with new iterations and performances over time.

Bohemian FC

Development of a discovery and orchestration model for identifying BDLT use cases in enterprise settings and implementing and testing them in the wild. 3 Use Cases identified at Bohemian FC:

  1. Track and trace system for merchandise from order to delivery
  2. Secure and compliant onboarding of coaches (eVetting, safeguarding, coaching qualifications)
  3. Tokenized popular player platform (tipping, rewards)

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